Art-Science dinner: Eating on GMO

November 16th, 2007 by eden

Art-Science dinner 1 Art-Science dinner 2

For many, genetically modified plants is an abstract thing, far away from the everyday reality. As Vietnamese care about what they eat and Vietnam kitchen is normally is fresh and healthy, we thought a dinner in the installation will take the gentech-issue nearer to the people. We were interested in sharing ideas and an exchange of experiences in art, science and everyday life. So we invited everybody to an art-science dinner…

Together with Nha San Duc’s wife, we cooked a Swiss-Vietnamese meal, including Spaghetti to make the link to the installation (else we had rice, shellfish, vegetables, beer of Hanoi and for dessert some Swiss Chocolate).

As good as the food was the discussion after our presentation: there were many questions about the scientific background of our work and a big interest to compare the three countries Switzerland, Brazil, Vietnam…

Art-Science dinner 3 Art-Science dinner 4 Art-Science dinner 5

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